Monday, April 3, 2017

we will always have copenhagen (specifically nyhavn)

contrary to popular belief (mostly mine), I wasn't miserable the whole time I was in Copenhagen. Yeah, it made a major dent in my spirit (more like it broke my soul in half that the whole Copenhagen might as well be a horcrux) but despite that, I still consider it as a huge milestone because HELLO given my financial status and overall personality, this is impossible in theory. Let us give credit where credit is due. 

(secretly wishing now that we had gone to Stockholm because Lisbeth Salander is from there but this post is not going to be about that)


After many, many years (probably more than 2 years give or take, I am very bad at math), I finally got to see my bestest friendest foreverererererer. <3

And I can't even begin to thank and apologize to her for humoring me with this trip. See, she had zero reason to choose Denmark. Don't tell this to anyone...but Copenhagen isn't that great. I know it's super trendy on Instagram right now and I'm not being biased or being a hater because I'm bitter or anything, and I didn't really have the best experience blah blah blah but it's just SO FUCKING GREY (except Nyhavn, which is the reason why it's my favorite place there) (also, please take note that maybe I'm not really the best person to rely on for information right now). 

It's fine to go there for like, a week tops, I stayed there for two and it drove me crazy. Don't get me wrong, I could totally see myself living there if I were living a different life--everyone and everywhere is beautiful, and no one will look at you while walking on the street so that's good if you're socially anxious like me and maybe I'd still consider it as somewhere to settle in in the future just because the whole system there is calculated so well that it's basically a perfect place to live in (compared to, you know, the Philippines). The food is also good because I'm all about stuff on toasts. But it's not a great place for a vacation or if you plan on being touristy (I heard it's beautiful in the summer so my timing is pretty awful). 

We could've gone to Iceland and saw the Aurora thing in the sky (it's her dream to see it).

But she went and saw me in Copenhagen. (because I'm stupid enough to fly there to see a guy *sticking finger in throat.gif*)

And my love for her burst through the seams exponentially.

What I love about my friendship with her is that it doesn't matter how long we hadn't seen or talked to each other. The moment we do, it's like we pick up right where we left off and it's like the years hadn't passed by at all. We're the same old silly friends from high school all the time. That night in Nyhavn where we got drunk off our socks (especially me), it was like that night in Madison where we drank Tanduay on the floor mattress and it was so special to be drunk with just the two of us and talking about absolutely anything. I felt a little bad that I got too out of control drunk because I'm usually the more responsible one (drunken night wise) but she took care of me and rubbed my back when I was throwing up in the toilet and I felt her motherly love when I needed it second most (first most was when she already left so I can't blame her for that). 

Jhermin, you are the love of my life. My soulmate. You're probably a horcrux now though. But I hope in the future, we could still have that dream where we both live in a nice city with dogs and no boyfriends (don't tell K! But if he's nice enough, I'll let him touch you once in a while with supervision. *still cackling at "nilamon ng sistema"* --- birth of a new gold inside joke because we're adults now). I'm looking at Montreal. It will take yearsssss and I'll probably die first but you being a horcrux will hopefully prevent that from happening. 

I love you love you love you. 


we started with a bottle of wine then shots of Tanduay (that I brought from home solely for this purpose because the wine did nothing). She cliche-ly tripped and dropped her coins on the floor and had a cute guy help her (that bitch!) and I ended up puking on the street that our uber driver had to assist us back to our home, cutting our night short. All in all, a good fucking time.

a glimpse into our future as grumpy old people eating lunch on a park bench and people watching (people judging more like)

that particularly cold and rainy night when I complained non-stop about being cold (see sad face). She took it like a champ because Canadian.

in our room in Gothabsvajayjay. We cute.

2007 drunken night in Madison

the Nyhavn night ended the same way but we didn't have another roommate to take an embarrassing photo of us this time (also, why was I wearing an all-Jhermin wardrobe??)

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